About Us

JB Discovery
The uniqueness of JB Discovery is the specially designed zones which bring together clubbing, lounging and KTV that smacks of both quality and professionalism throughout. As you enter the club, you`ll be greeted by friendly receptionists. They are a great help if it your first time there as the massive club in total is about 55,000sqft in floor size!!
The Discotheque

The beating heart of JB Discovery is undoubtedly the massively sized main room which is15,000 square feet in size and over 80feet tall. Designed in Roman themed style, specially made giant roman columns grace the dancehall surroundings and are strikingly easy to see as intelligent color changers light the columns with an array of bright colors.

A custom built lighting rig built in the heart of the dancehall holds a range of sophisticated intelligent mirror scanners and moving head luminaries that can alter the mood, look and energy of the room alongside the combination of specialty resident DJs.

With the venue musical element of vital importance JB Discovery features a professional designed, installed and commissioned line array sound system from Spain best, Tenure Sound.

A three story high stage sits firmly on the back end of the discotheque is superbly equipped with state of the art live acoustic instruments and supporting amplifiers to suit the needs of even the most demanding musicians of the world.

Seven nights a week, the discotheque features huge sounds of the big talents who make up ORIENTAL EXPRESS. The house band boasts three lead vocalists with an enormous range and repertoire of Canto Pop and English Top 40 songs, making ORIENTAL EXPRESS the consummate Party Band for the quintessential Party place!

Uniquely a retractable DJ console is located on the center of the main stage and is easily visible from all corners of the dancehall. Denon products are the choice of DJ gear and top ranged mixers and players are fitted to accommodate the best local and international DJs.

A total of 47 KTV rooms of 4 sizes (small, medium, large and insanely large) are built all around the vicinity of JB Discovery. Each room is individually designed with different interior flavors and styles to give revisiting patrons a fresh new ambience and experience during each visit.

The smallest room fits in about 8 persons, the medium 14, the large 20 and the insanely large maxes up to a 100 persons!

KTV goers awe in disbelief as the computerized system is capable of storing and dishing out 30,000 of multi lingual songs, be it the oldies to the latest available ones in the market.

All rooms are fitted with professional KTV visual and live sound systems. Pitch perfect clarity is the main concern of the club and thus careful equalization on the sound processors help achieve the club goal.

The KTV is more than just a place for the evenings. It's a place to see, be seen and be part of the scene.
The Fun Pub

The Fun Pub is a blend of sleek modern and spaces and lush retro inspired interior and exterior that offers a homely atmosphere with advent sounds of retro, R&B and a touch of chill house from the resident DJs. Classy sofas combined with elegant bar stools and tables for different sitting preferences to suit the night’s mood. A unique open void deck was made for easy visibility from the KTV lounge above to check out the happenings below. To enhance the fun ambience of the pub, a cocktail bar blends out favorite concoctions to suit the masses. Easy wi-fi access which is free makes an additional attraction for Happy Hour goes to work away from the hectic office environment?
The Lounge & Café

The perfect place to chill out and take a break from the dance floor. The lounge and café features a range of imported American pool tables to cater for pool lovers and intelligent touch screen games to challenge intellectual minds. The lounge and café is crafted with cozy settees with a panoramic view of the streets below so that you can sip on hot and cold beverages or just munch on light snacks that are available thought-out the night.